Picking up where I left off

My last blog post was one year and 5 days ago. I stopped blogging for really stupid reasons.

1. I didn’t like my blog name.

"Cans Kill"

2. I didn’t think my photographs were good enough

Fish tacos anyone?

3. I wasn’t happy with my theme

Lack of time had nothing to do with it. I still tested recipes, took photos and started blog posts like I did before, I just never posted them. The weight of not posting got pretty heavy. I compare it to the time when you get a voice mail from an old friend and you don’t call them back right away. Two weeks later you remember you hadn’t returned their call and you decide you WILL call them back tomorrow. Three months later you still haven’t called the friend back and at this point it’s too late. Have you ever done this, or is it just me?

You must have called your other friend named Jacqui










Moral of the story, it’s never too late to get back in the game, start blogging or call your old friend back. I’ve been dying to share with you new recipes that I’ve tried along with some of my own personal recipes. I’m a big DIY girl so I’m putting together some easy projects that you can do on your own and I’ll probably sprinkle in a couple of personal experiences here and there (including my “30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30 List”).

So here I go again, new blog name, new theme, I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. – Thank you so much for those of you that emailed and messaged me along the way asking me to start blogging again, I’m excited to get your feedback!